CIEC | Institute of Education| Minho University | Portugal

     Braga, 19 - 22 July 2011  


The VII International Seminar on Physical Education, Leisure and Health will be held at the Institute of Education, Minho University, in Braga, Portugal, from 19 to 22 July 2011. This seminar is rooted in the Institute for the Child Studies, Minho University, nowadays called Institute of Education. Six editions have been held, and in the meantime other national and international researchers and institutions have been integrated in the organization. This has given a wider coverage with better quality and depth of knowledge in this area of knowledge.
This seminar, by tradition, brings to debate issues as important as Physical Education and Sport, Recreation and Health. These issues can give an important contribute in the present postmodern context, which is characterised by problems related to education, physical and psychosocial health, moral values and ethics. We expect this VII International Seminar on Physical Education, Leisure and Health, will be a moment of scientific reflection, production and dissemination as well as an important moment for opportunities and change.



The main goal of the VII International Seminar on Physical Education, Leisure and Health is to promote a deep reflection between theory and practice in the areas of Physical Activity and Health, Physical Education, Sport and Leisure, as well as new realities that are emerging in academic and scientific forums.
The getting together and debate carried out by researchers from different countries and continents will promote a particular enrichment of various aspects of this thematic.



This Seminar will be mostly interesting to teachers, researchers, technicians and students working in the areas of Physical Education, Sports, Leisure, Health and Education in general, that work in schools, municipalities and public agencies, sports clubs, private and service institutions, Health Clubs and other institutions that conduct activities for heath promotion.